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Grand Master Leonard Ortez

7th Dan  Grand Master Instructor and Founder of LeejonTaekwondo
Belt: Black
Rank: 7th Dan Grand Master Kukiwon

8th Dan Grand Master Moodukwon
Instructor: Honorable Grandmaster Dan Choi and Grandmaster Hyuen Choi

"Through the years of teaching training and competing in  Taekwondo I have crossed the paths of some of the most wonderful, talented people in the world. What I have tried to achieve at Leejon is to pass on Taekwondo the way it was taught to me by my Master. I feel there is no room to alter these teaching's while compromising any of these any of these beliefs. We at Leejon teach from our hearts with un paralleled passion which is found by not only our excellent success record at competition but in life as well."


Grand Master Ortez's Background

Began formal Taekwondo training in 1980 having previously experienced Kenpo, Hapkido and boxed Golden Gloves as a Junior
Received 1st Dan Black Belt from Grand Master Dan Choi in 1985
Competed at all levels as an adult competitor
Founder of Leejon Taekwondo 1990
Trained and certified in Korea

Grand Master Ortez's Methods of Teaching

  After teaching for several Master's in the area it became increasingly  apparent that teaching Taekwondo was in his blood. "I set out to build on my passion in life"  he says. "I new the difficulty I was up against."  The struggle was being able to sustain his passion and yet run a Martial Arts school? It wasn't easy. However he new what he wanted. "I wanted  a basic  no frills school."  I didn't want to compromise my beliefs while I wanted to repay the art I so dearly Love." This often lead to  being torn between being a business person and a Martial Artist. Though him and his peers disagreed on philosophies of business vs. a Martial Artist he new deep down in his heart what he wanted to do. "The path I chose was clear and simple." "Teach from the heart. " "Teach with passion and last but not least "Honesty." " Honesty about who I am and what I have achieved and the path I want Leejon Taekwondo to follow." Over time Leejon Taekwondo has been recognized as being a straight forward fundamental Martial Arts school. With this philosophy Leejon Taekwondo  has become one of the most respected Martial Arts schools in the area. "It is not about me and what I have accomplished in my life time it is about my students and the future of Taekwondo." The list of successful admired students is long in  history.

Grand Master Ortez is a living example of all that embodies Taekwondo; humility, knowledgeable, patient, respected and a person of integrity who cares for his students inside and outside of the dojang. His belief in what he does and in his students allows him to help them reach their highest potential in Taekwondo and in their personal lives. 


Professional Achievements

  8th Degree Certificate- Moo Doo Kwan  
  8th Degree Certificate- Chang Moo Kwan  
  8th Degree Han Moo Kwon  
  7th Degree Certificate- Kukkiwon  
  Intercontinental Referee  
  Presidents Award outstanding contribution to Taekwondo  Bill Clinton  
  Presidents Award outstanding contribution to Taekwondo  Barack Obama